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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uncovering The Emotional Mystery of Contest Prep

Well, here we are drawing to a close of the 2011 figure/fitness/bikini/bodybuilding contest season. Many highs and lows. Good memories and maybe a few, not so much. But all in all, every single competitor who walked across the multitude of stages across the globe to showcase the physiques they have worked so hard for did it all for one reason. They committed themselves to the journey when they said, "I DECIDE"!

This past season saw a dramatic increase in new competitors as the sport is gaining popularity offering the "average joe" a competitive platform and format for the gym-go'er and gym-rat of today to showcase their physique. A new goal to reach for. A new outlet of accomplishment.

Well, as so many new athletes sign up for competitions, they are a slew of personal trainers and nutritionists rising in number just as fat. Yet, as I hear the stories from more and more newbies into the sport, the one common thing I hear them talk about is the behavioral changes they experienced, emotional highs and lows, uncontrollable lack of focus, lack of drive and motivation, easily distracted, inability to manage even the simplest of tasks throughout the day, short tempers, irritability, etc ... but all of these behaviors are side effects of 4 factors necessary during show prep.

Finally somebody is willing to talk about it! Finally somebody takes the quiet whispers of those wondering, "Am I the only one feeling this way?" or, "Why am I not acting like myself?" and explains why!

For the rookie having competed their first show to the aspiring competitor looking at 2012 as their season to give it their best shot, I have some critical information to unveil to you about what you experienced or WILL BE experiencing, and why during your show-prep period you may act like a crazy-you that you can't seem to control.

I merely want people to understand that what they experienced or will experience, is perfectly normal, everyone goes through it, and how to help those around you know what to expect and how they can help you in 2012.

Now, about ME! My workouts this past week have been INSANE! Thanks largely in part to my new Pre-Workout / N.O. from AEN. It has been smooth, no jitters and sustains my crazy, razor sharp focus through my very intense, screaming and grinding workouts. I will go into more depth about my workouts this week, later today, and explain the results of my adjustment to my carbohydrate intake as well and how I'm feeling! Little by little I am seeing positive growth and strength. Crazy-cool this thing called Bodybuilding!


~ Michael-David
founder/creator, "I DECIDE"


  1. This is very informative. Thanks for posting.

  2. What kind of supplements are you taking and how many days a week do you train? I have working out like a mad man in the gym but not really seeing any results in size or the weight I can lift. I'm not sure what tod do. Thanks

  3. I would like to start lifting weights, but as a girl I'm afraid to because I am afraid of getting bulky. I do cardio 6 days a week for about an hour, but I am getting bored but I don't want to get fat. Any advice would be great!

  4. Let me first start off by saying, it is very hard to add the "bulk" you afraid of gaining. I hear this a lot from women, but to be honest, lifting weights will only increase your metabolic rate. PLUS, if you do your workouts with very little rest between your sets, you will get a great cardio workout while doing your resistance training.

    It requires a certain formula of nutrition AND workout program to add any amount of muscle mass to a physique. It's that much more difficult for women over men because of the difference in testosterone levels required.

    Use moderate weights using proper form for each body part going as high as 12 repititions. Do 4 sets per movement and your body will build a nice, feminine physique over time.